Disciple Christian             Academy

Today's home schooling parents are looking for an alternative to the public school's  one-size-fits-all approach and most recently the introduction of the government's Common Core educational system. It's easy to see that traditional education is going in the wrong direction!   

Parent home school networks abound, bringing to each student, the knowledge and support of dedicated and loving parents.  All the necessary technical resources are in place. Let's combine the two and add a little parental choice into the equation.  Let's turn education right-side up again. 


Are you ready to develope a better future for your child?

Is it convenient?

YES! Your child may never have to step foot in a classroom.  Our classes are available whenever your schedule dictates. Home schooled students and their parents can determine when they wish to utilize the school's resources or even use their own.

Is it expensive?

Educational Oversight?

ABSOLUTELY!  Everything beginning with entry level diagnostics, course  planning, grading, tutoring, periodic reports and ending with transcript development and graduation. We utilize Florida Department of Education course codes to make your child's college entrance seamless.
NO!  But it is valuable!

Because we don't operate a physical campus, our overhead is low.  This makes possible the opportunity for every student to become a part of our educational program, regardless of family income or finances.

Disciple Christian Virtual Academy utilizes only accredited educational material and
every aspect of our educational program is overseen by certified teachers and degreed administrators.





Why should your child be restricted to the limits of traditional education?  

Learning is a lifelong process.  

Shouldn't your child be taught how to learn rather than how to memorize information?